About Hercules Gym

hercules telford gym mezzanine showing exercise bikes

Hercules Gym in Telford opened its doors in January 1995 to fill a need for people who wanted to train with great equipment in the right environment.

There is plenty of free parking for cars and vans right outside the front door.

We have male and female toilets and male changing and a shower; there is room in the female toilet to change clothes.

The training area is a light and spacious 3250sq ft with a large roller shutter door that is open in the summer months.

Two former Mr Britain winners train here, that speaks for itself.

We don’t believe that a serious/hardcore training environment includes ripped upholstery, dusty machines or dirty floors, so you won’t find any of these at our gym. The same goes for bad attitudes and big egos.


Pay per session, per week or per month: whatever suits you.

£5.00 per day
£13.50 per week
£40.00 per month


Hercules has a very large amount of training equipment from free weight benches, power and squat racks, to state of the art isolateral plate loaded and selectorised machines.

Unlike many gyms, our equipment wasn’t bought in a job lot reconditioned on the cheap: this is all hand picked from different manufacturers made to our exacting requirements.

Some of our more niche machines include a pullover machine, V squat, standing chest press, reverse hypertension, and two very hard to source Nautilus bicep and tricep machines made in the USA in the 1980s.

Our dumbbells go up to 70kg, and we have two of each pairs up to 35kg, we also have two cable crossover machines to avoid queues.

On top of the usual Olympic bars, we have Watson fat grip bars, a Safety squat bar and loads of attachments to hit your muscles from different angles, plus tons of Olympic plates.

A gym stands and falls on its equipment and ours is second to none.